Things she says…

A= Avery M=Mom D=Dad


M: You are so goofy!

A: No, I not goofy! I Minnie, you Pluto!


A: I just love Pierson’s cheeks!


A: “OUCH!”

M: What happened? You ok?

A: Yes, I ok. I not crying!


Driving through a parking lot.

A: Watch old grandpa…

to the (old) man crossing the street.


While opening a birthday gift.

A: I love Santa, he give gives me good gifts.


Walking through the mall with flip flops on;

A: These shoes are driving me nuts!


Dan is holding Avery

A: Saw “aww” papa.

Dan complies

A: I see spiders.

D: What are you going to do with them?

A: I put them in my spider bag…

Then checked his eyes, ears and hair for spiders. The next morning, Dan had a bug in his eye, and she immediatly said she forgot it and would put it in her spider bag.

A: Mama what are you going to turn into?

M: (having no idea) A panda?

A: No, you’re a catterpillar!

M: Oh, a colorful butterfly.

A: First got make your cocoon!

Thanks wonderpets!


Driving home in the car.

A: You smell that?

M: Yeah, what is it? (thinking she’ll say she farting…)

A: Not me. It’s a skunk… pooping!

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