Author: sara

  • no facebook

    I gave up FaceBook for lent. It’s been 9 long days. I have chosen to stay off “IT” till Easter Sunday, except Sundays. On Sundays I can “take the day off.” Seems ironic to me to take Sundays off, since the Lent is “a season of self-examination, fasting and penance in preparation for our Easter […]

  • beach pictures

    I had “real” pictures taken of the kids. I had to choose 5 out of 30+ pictures. It was really hard, but I managed. Here they are;

  • back at it

    School has started for both kids. Avery is loving third grade. She loves that she has the same teacher as she did last year and a bunch of friends in there too. All summer she kept asking me if I thought she would have that teacher or not. I just kept reassuring her, then saying […]

  • Sawyer is 5

    Sawyer is now 5 years old. He’s been looking forward to his birthday for over a month now. Just about every morning he’s asked me, is “today my birthday?” He chose to wear this new shirt he got from his Aunt Mardi today. The patch didn’t last long, but he loved wearing this pirate shirt. […]

  • Book & movie

    I finished reading Fantastic Mr Fox to the kids. I loved siting up in my bed or on the couch with a kid on each side listening to every word I read.  I was pleasantly surprised at how easily Sawyer let me read the book. It took a few days longer than I expected because […]

  • the brother fairy

      The other day Avery came home from a friends house with a “surprise for Sawyer.” She couldn’t explain anymore since Sawyer was listening too. She immediately went to her room and stayed there for about 20 minutes. That night she showed me what she’d been up to. She had a bunch of “treasurers” in […]

  • fantastic mr fox

    Tonight I read the first three chapters of Fantastic Mr Fox (Roald Dahl) to both kids tonight. I let Avery choose the book. She knew she wanted one of the Roald Dahl books from the set she got last Christmas. I’m glad she picked a book that has a movie that we can watch after […]

  • training

    I am doing a marathon. No, I won’t be running it, but walking it. It’s in October… I better start training, 26.2 miles is a very long way. Tomorrow morning!

  • IDK

    In elementary school I knew girl that never said “what?” If she didn’t hear you she’d say “pardon?” or “I didn’t hear you.” No, she wasn’t English, she was American. At the time my friends and I thought it was so weird. Who doesn’t say “WHAT?!?” Now that I’m a parent, I can see why […]

  • soy sauce

    A few weeks ago our Soy Sauce celebrated his 1/2 birthday, he is now 4 and a half. Such a silly boy. He is up to a lot “tricks” lately. He hides things and says that Minnie (our cat) threw them away or that Avery (who is at school) gave them to a friend. When […]