Avery had her first three shots yesterday afternoon. She was fine (slept) till about 5:30, then she was VERY cranky and there was nothing we could do. We then found out we could give her Tylonol. At 8 we gave her some and she was out. She was so tired from crying she slept hard. She slept well last night so hopefully she’ll be back to her happy self.

4 responses to “Shots…”

  1. The doctor didn’t tell you to give her tylenol? y doctor always had me give it to them before I left the office.

  2. No, no comment about Tylenol. Lisa, LaDonna and Ute all told me it was OK,so we gave it to her when we got home. For her 4 month shots, I’ll give it to her before we go in.
    She was fussy this morning, but still sleeping a lot- more than usual I guess.

  3. tylenol is for if you want to raise wimpy babies! wait…lisa? that’s my wife! wtf?!

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