an adventure…

We had a great plan to get to Boise-

We had a flight at 5pm from Burbank that went Oakland then Boise. We left Ventura on Thursday at 1, got to Burbank, parked in long term parking and checked our bags. Then went to eat a “great” meal at McDonald’s (not too much choice at Burbank), just outside the airport. We wanted to eat since Southwest doesn’t give you food on their flights.

Sawyer is ready for the flight
Sawyer is ready for the flight

As we were getting back on the airport shuttle to go back to the airport my dad calls;
Dad: “Where are you?”
Me: “Here at the airport.”
Dad: “Southwest called and your flight to Boise from Oakland has been cancelled.”
Me: “Ok, we are almost back in the airport, we’ll check it out and call you…”

I was a little panicked. Why the heck was our flight cancelled? Are we just going to get there later?

We made our way through security (a hassle with two kids; all shoes off, take out the laptops, check our water for a bomb…), and stood in line at our gate to get the story. Boise airport was closed due to freezing fog that turns into black ice. Not so great for landing a plane. So now what? There were no flights to Portland, Seattle, San Jose, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Reno… anywhere that made us closer to Boise. Our options were to rebook our flights for Saturday (there were none for Friday) OR drive. A real dilemma!!


We decided to rent a car from Burbank and drive to Las Vegas for the night. We left Burbank at 7:30 and got the NV/UT border at 1. We decided to go that far because we hoped to catch a flight from either Las Vegas or Salt Lake City on Friday.
Thankfully Dan knew where our toiletries were, so we at least got to brush our teeth. I had extra t-shirts in my carry-on bag, so the kids got clean shirts to wear. I was in a tank top, so I wore one of Dan’s shirts to stay warm.

There were no flights out of either LAS or SLC. So we (Dan) drove the rest of the way to Boise on Friday. Dan drove for 11 hours in a rented Grand Marquis (cop car), only stopping 3 times.

playing at McDonald's
playing at McDonald’s

The kids did great, considering, we didn’t have this trip planned. Sawyer hardly slept and we almost ran out of diapers for him. Avery had her ipod (movies), DS and coloring/activity tablets to keep her busy.

watching a movie on the ipod
watching a movie on the ipod

still happy in the car
still happy in the car

What an adventure…

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  1. Oh my. Did you rent the car in hopes of being able to fly back home? That is some major driving for being unplanned. Glad you got there safely and hope you have a great time!

  2. We are flying home. We leave the 4th, so it shouldn’t be too crazy in the airports by then!!
    It all ended up alright, I have to say it was way cheaper than flying and if we had planned it, it could have been a better trip, with stops and fun along the way. Maybe next year… HA!!

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