Day 5

“Make a gingerbread house”

At first I was really excited about this. We’ve never made a real gingerbread house- sad! I thought we could build it and try not to eat too much junk. But then I realized we have a toddler who somehow gets into everything and a kitty who eats all foods! Maybe a (real) gingerbread house isn’t such a great idea. What to do…?

Dan took Avery to Lowes to do the “Build & Learn” class. They built a gingerbread house! Aver also got her apron, saftely goggles and another patch (for me to sew on) her apron.

Avery made a gingerbread house
Avery made a gingerbread house
She absolutely loves it. It has a jewelry box lid so she filled it up with some goodies. She wants to pain it too.

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  1. I took it with my cell phone. I think she’s going to paint it, then I’ll post a picture of the finished product.

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