A Nice Old Man…

Today I was out and about running errands. One of my later stops was at the 99 cents store. While there an old man came up to me and asked about Avery- how old she was… you know the regular questions. Then he asked if I had begun a piggy bank for her. I said no, and he opened up his hand, it was full of change. He gave me four quarters for her piggy bank! How cute! I thanked him and we were off…

5 responses to “A Nice Old Man…”

  1. Don’t you know “piggy bank” is slang for something else? He just bought Avery for a buck!

  2. What a nice old man. You should really be careful of old men though. Some are nice, and then there are the others. By the way, were any of the quarters from 1976??? Dad

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