trick or treat

On Halloween we decided to head out to Camarillo to Coach & Beth’s to Trick or Treat. We got there and headed straight out to gather some candy. Then we took a dinner break, then back out again! We saw lots of great costumes, consumed some great food and ate a lot of candy!

Happy Halloween

We found a fabulous haunted house. There was a “Liberace” guy playing a piano up on a big pedastal. So we heard the music before we ever saw the house. It was circus music. Then we saw the clowns. They had 20 or more kids and adults walking around all dressed up as clowns. Then we saw the gymnasts!! They had a set of parallel bars set up and there were 2 boys doing tricks on them- amazing! Unfortunately we missed the “family friendly” time for the haunted house. Avery and I went around  one corner and she was done!

clown haunted housethe clown gymnasts

clown haunted house
the clown gymnasts

Coach & Beth were dressed up as “john & Kate.” We loved the costumes and accessories. Then their friends showed up as “John & Kate” too!! It wasn’t planned at all- hilarious.

John & Kate

Avery liked handing out the candy as much as getting the candy. She stationed herself at the front door to hand out candy. She wouldn’t give the kids who didn’t say “trick or treat” candy!

handing out candy
handing out candy

It was a good night! Thank you friends…

the candy...Robin trying to escape!!

Robin trying to escape!!

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