growing boy…

I finally took Sawyer in for a “well baby” check up. He hadn’t been to the doctor since he was 8 months old. Praise God,  we have fairly healthy children and have not had to take them in to see the doctor.

Sawyer @ 14 months
Sawyer @ 14 months

Sawyer’s Stats;

20 pounds 3 ounces

28 inches long

Compared to other 14 month old boys he is on the “little” side. Since the doctor doesn’t have much to compare to, she wants him to come in 6 weeks to see if he is gaining. He may just be little, or he could have something else going on. Good news is, he is not anemic and doesn’t have lead in his body!! She wants us to up his calories, but not sugar. He also needs to drink more whole milk. Milk, it does the body good!!

Sawyer has “breath-holding tantrums.” When he gets mad or gets hurt he breaths in and in and in, without taking in more air. His lips turn blue, then his nose turns blue… scary. Well, this is “normal” and not to worry unless he passes out (then call the doctor) and he will hopefully grow out of it.

Sawyer did get half of his 6 months shots and a flu shot. He did fine with the shots. He was done crying by the time I got his pants on. He slept a lot- he took a nap for over 5 hours, then slept all night (12 hours). Those shots take it out of him!! Now we have to finish up the 6 months shots, and get his 12 and 15 month shots.

Pumpkin boy
Pumpkin boy

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  1. All 3 of my girls were always in the 10 % category for height and weight and we always got the same thing from our doctor…feed them fattier foods (like whole milk, cheeses etc.) to fatten them up. I don't know about you, but I do not feel right "fattening them up" when there is an obesity epidemic with children! Now, if my girls were not eating much and needed more calories health wise I would probably do it but they all eat really good and eat often….like every hour! We eat a lot of fresh fruit and veggies on top of lots of other (fatty) foods so I just couldn't justify making them eat more. If you know the Nicholls they are small, petite people so just go with what you feel comfortable with. They should be happy our children are not part of the obese percentage!

  2. I feel the same way. I have purposely NOT given him high fat & calorie foods. I don't give him any juice, I use ground turkey instead of beef, plain yogurt with real fruit instead of the flavored yogurt… I am not too worried about the weight gain, but I don't want to go thru the "more tests" if the doctor isn't happy with his weight gain. He does eat three meals and snacks throughout the day- he does eat! He doesn't drink much milk, but a lot of water. Maybe he'll just be "shrimpy," we still love him!!

  3. Christian was tiny and he's fine…has a metabolism on fire. Just remember, you decide what tests they do or don't do. Doctors aren't the boss of you. If he's not sick, tell them to leave him alone!

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