One Big Happy Family!

One Big Happy Family!

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Our baby girl has arrived…Avery bonnie Cameron!
Saturday morning at 3:35, weighing in at 8 lbs 6 oz. and 21 inches long!
Friday was a long day. Contractions began at 5am! Nothing consistent, but I was sure they were “real” contractions. Dan came home and I sent him to get dinner, I was NOT in the mood to cook or prepare anything. We watched some TV and a movie.
10:30 pm- the contractions were consistent and fairly intense (or so I thought).
11:30 pm- Dan called nurses @ CMH- but the they said to wait till I had contractions for 2 hours, 3 to 5 minutes apart! So, I got in the shower to try to “relieve”some of the pain-not really possible!
1:00 am- We got to CMH. our friend Jamie, a labor & delivery nurse, was on duty- thank God! She was by our side the entire time. We were the only people there delivering!
1:30 am- I was able to labor in the hot tub for an hour! That was awesome, I recommend it to anyone who is able to.
2:30 am- Got out of the hot tub, the contractions were one on top of each other.
3:00 am- My water broke. I was able to push.
3:15 am- The doctor graced us with his presence.
3:35 am- Avery Bonnie Cameron
5:30 am- Dawn- beautiful. Time to sleep.

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  1. And look at you already blogging! Man am I jealous! See, I told you you would come through with flying colors! And NO STADAHL…or epidural so I’m told. Good for you sweetie. I gotta have all the details later! Sorry if my long-winded message woke you yesterday…. I was hoping you weren’t home yet and I didn’t want to disturb you at the hospital. Wanted to visit but Addison was just a pill the past couple days. We saw your pix at the bridge on Sunday… (another jealousy streak down my spine)… You look sooooooo great! What a beautiful family you make, can’t wait to meet Avery! You did everything right… I’m so proud of you. oxoxo to you all!

  2. Avery is a beautiful little girl, and we will all cherish her. You really did everything right, both of you. We were privileged to have been there (almost), at least around the corner. Love to all three of you, Doris & Bill (Sara’s mom & dad)

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