the hat

On our way to Vegas we stopped in Primm (right on the border of CA and NV). There’s not much before Primm, so by the time we got there we were more than ready to get out of the car! There is a small outlet mall and Dan had forgotten real shoes and he was looking for tennis shoes anyway… we stopped to check out the Nike outlet. While in there Avery found a stylish pink hat with a “check mark” on it that she really liked. It was $15 so we told her we weren’t getting it… she was not happy. She just wanted a pink hat with a check mark on it!! We told her she could look for a hat while in the mall, we might just find something for her. We looked in a few stores and no hat was like the pink one with the check mark on it… until we found the hat she loved!! It was in the gymboree outlet (yes, I actually found deals at gymboree!) and it was only $4! Score. Too bad they didn’t have the matching dress in her size…

So Avery wore this beautiful hat all over Vegas.

new hat
new hat

The old ladies loved it!

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  1. If your husband wouldn't lose so much $ at poker and golf your could buy your 1st born a $15 hat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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