What do you think?

I was watching the news tonight and one of the “news” worthy stories made me crazy.
There is a guy, who holds public office, in Alabama that wants to ban all books in public schools & libraries that are written by or about homosexuals! This doesn’t make any sense. He did comment that some “classics” would be permitted. Who decided what a classic is?
I wonder if the books about satanists, incest and polygamy are ok?
Herman Melville, Shakespeare, Whitman, Michelangelo, Tennessee Williams & Homer have all been “accused” of being gay or at least writing about gay characters.
Greek Mythology (Achilles & Patroclus) & history (Socrates & Plato) are both full of homosexuals.
Any thoughts on this?

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  1. Wow, Sara tackling a controversial subject.

    I agree with you though. I think the guy is a loony to think this will pass, or maybe he just has to bring it up to secure his redneck votes in the next election. This week gay books; next week he will be pro gay marriage. Politics for ya.

  2. “by or about homosexuals” – well, I guess they would have to ban the Bible too, since it mentions homosexuality several times. Although maybe he would consider that a “classic”…

    The whole thing is absolutely ridiculous. I agree with your point on banning other subjects as well; selectively picking one issue to ban is wrong, and not only that many of these people celebrate books and/or movies that talk about or even show much worse things. I wonder how many people who would support such a ban have watched (and enjoyed) a movie where someone gets shot at some point. Apparently they’re more afraid of homosexuality than murder.

    In any event, it’s always my position to oppose censorship of any kind, even if it’s something that I personally don’t support. As soon as you say it’s OK for one person or group to decide what everyone else should be allowed to see or hear, you are on a dangerous path, because how will you know what those people (or those who succeed them) will choose to ban next?

  3. Can people really get away with that this day in age in America? I mean, it’s one thing to want publicity by going on the news, but it’s another to actually do something like ban books against the American public. How ridiculous. My guess is is that this is only going as far as the guy’s dreams and won’t become a part of reality.

  4. Thank you! I felt the same way. A library is a place to go to get information on any topic. Seems like an oxymoron that you wouldn’t be able to go to a library and only have access to some books. Crazy.
    I’ll keep an eye on this story and see if the bill passes.

  5. He’s totally right on. While we’re at it we should ban books written by women. We are an inferior sex.

  6. I surely hope this guy isn’t a proclaimed “Christian”…. Just another freak ruining the name of God…. good grief… it takes all kinds! I wonder what he parents were like? I know, let’s just take away all means of education and only believe what we read on the internet or see on the news!

  7. No, banning the internet is the next step; it’s way too dangerous to allow anyone to freely publish anything they want (for free, even!).

    If people like this had their way, we’d eventually end up with only seeing news on TV that’s pre-chewed and approved by all the various corporate interests, who also will essentially control legislation through bribes/contributions & lobbying. Oh, wait a second…

    At least we still have the internet and non-commercial radio.

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