What I Learned in S.F.

San Franciscans do not listen- a few times we were in a situation that proved this point. We were ordering lunch;
Dan: Can I replace the french fries for mashed potatoes?
Woman: OK, extra order of mashed potatoes. (She is punching into the machine)
Dan: No, no can I REPLACE the fries for the mashed potatoes?
Woman: Ahhh, yes, OK!
Dan: Thank you!
We were in a Chachki Store;
Dan: How much is a bottle of water?
Man: Which one? (reaching into cooler)
Dan: The large one…
Man: Ok, two bottles of water- $2.50 each…
Dan: Actually we only want one…
Man: Oh, I see…
I am not sure if the people we ran into did not speak English very well, or if they were is just a big hurry! Who knows- but we made them slow down & LISTEN!

There are A LOT of homeless people in San Francisco…
We were surprised as to how many homeless people there were. San Francisco is SO large that you would think there would be places for them to go, get help and so on- but I guess you need to want the help the actually receive it!
* We saw only one grocery store! Where do these people shop?
* Public transportation rocks! It was a bit expensive but it was clean, there were people to ask which way to go, it was laid out well, there were maps everywhere…
* The streets were clean. There were trash cans at just about every corner! There was hardly any trash at all!
* The stop lights were fast. When the light turned from yellow to red, the walk sign turned to tell pedestrians to walk. There was no lapse time.
* Drivers LOVE to honk. The honkers, we decided, were all locals, and the people being honked at were tourists! The tourists like to watch what’s going on and look at the stores and stuff, while the locals have a place to go- so get out of there way! The locals have NO patience and love to honk at the tourists who aren’t paying attention- just like in the stores- the tourists want to waste time and look at everything while the locals want to buy there stuff and get out!

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  1. I know what you mean about people when traveling…. it truly is amazing how different places have different types of people. San Francisco, like NY seem to house “me” people. They don’t hear anything unless it has to do with them. And the honking! I find it hilarious… it doesn’t do anything but make noise. You know, in Stanten Island, NY, you get tickets for honking your horn. I wish they did that in NY. Our hotel was in Manhattan and Christopher couldn’t sleep because of the honking all night long. (although, I found it humorour really) Slower towns, like Carmel or Mid-Western towns seem to have the most cooperative folks. There’s the exceptional people everywhere that regain my faith in humanity…. I think God places them in front of us so we don’t hate traveling to new places. (hee hee) PS. Your site is beautiful too… hmmmmm, I wonder who did this for you?

  2. Kat, always invest in earplugs for trips. I have slept great even in crappy beds when I started using earplugs on trips. Just a thought.

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