the girl has morals

We went to Taco Bell and Avery asked for some lemonade. I told her that I we were getting water, since I didn’t pay for lemonade… she seemed satisfied with that. We got our stuff and sat down, then I had to go fill up our water cups. I decided to put some lemonade in her cup anyway- she usually gets is watered down anyway. I brought it to her and she refused to drink it. She told me we didn’t pay for it and she wouldn’t drink it! I told her I would dump it out then… “yes, please, dump it out and get water.” So I did just that!

Avery went to Awana’s where they give the kids a snack- not the greatest snacks either. One time I asked what she’d had and she told me it was “popcorn from the microwave, the kind with yellow stuff on it and a marshmallow.” Hmmm… not too healthy at 7:00 at night! On this night, I asked her again what she’d had for snack- it was graham crackers and a chocolate chip cookie. But she told the teacher she couldn’t have the cookie, because I (her mom) didn’t want her to! I never told her she couldn’t have a cookie at Awana’s! But we have been talking about making healthy food choices so maybe that’s where she got it from. She loves chocolate chip cookies, I can’t believe she didn’t take it!

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