First day of (pre) school

Avery’s first day of preschool was this morning. She was ready last night, but had to wait till this morning. She kept asking, “Why are we going to see Ms. Devin’s now?” She is at home sleeping, that’s why!

Ready for the first day of school
Ready for the first day of school

Avery is in the 3’s class, called the “Hoppy Helpers.” If you ask Avery, she is in the green door.

Avery- a Hoopy Helper
Avery- a Hoppy Helper

When Dan went to pick her up, she was very upset that she didn’t get to stay for lunch. Everyone stays but Avery and one other girl. So when she came home we made lunch and she ate outside from her lunchbox with Dan.

She had fun and wants to go back! Now we have to go finish her homework- a craft project!! FUN!

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  1. when i left the church last night at about 8:30, “ms. devon” had just left, so she probably wasn’t at home or asleep. haha

  2. How fun. Donna started today. She didn’t even say goodbye. She didn’t bring any homework home for her to do, but I sure had a pile of forms to fill out. 🙂

  3. The “homework” is to decorate a “Me Poster” with fun stuff. So far she finger painted on it and decorated clothes for it. We’ll see how the finished product comes out.

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