The Details, Warning- TMI

Wednesday- my plan was to hit the thrift store first thing in the morning (9am). I had an appointment at Blooms (consignement store) to drop off more girlie stuff I don’t want/need and finally check out the farmer’s market on the way home. That didn’t happen!
7:30– lost my mucus plug, so I knew something was going to happen that day…. but when? So I ate a good breakfast and took a shower! Text Jaime (L&D nurse) to let her know what’s going on. I checked in with her all morning.
8-12– light cramping, a few good contractions, but nothing consistent- some 10 minutes apart some close to 20 minutes apart. Dan was at work. He had a big website launch set for Thursday morning. Of all days, Wednesday was not the best to day to do this!! Nature!! Avery was watching a movie, I was doing laundry, cleaning up the kitchen… just waiting.
12- Had lunch and went to take a nap.
1:30- Dan calls to see what’s going on. No contraction since noon. Got up to pee- wow, here they come, strong and 3 minutes apart. I didn’t call Dan to come home yet, wanted to wait till they were more consistent. Jaime calls and she said, “yes, these are real contractions, get to the hospital now!”

2:00– call Dan to come home NOW. He works in Camarillo, so I knew it would be a few minutes till he got home. All the bags are packed. A friend is coming over for Avery. Thankfully Avery is still napping and didn’t see me in this “condition.” Contractions are 2 minutes apart at this point…. hurry Dan!! Dan’s on his way home, but Jaime didn’t think he’d make in time, so she comes to get me. Thankfully Dan gets home minutes before she gets here. Jaime stays till Dan’s mom comes to pick up Avery for the day. Jaime asks, “Do you feel like pushing? We cold deliver this baby right here!” No, I didn’t feel like pushing yet, so off to CMH we go. QUICKLY!
2:30 Dan and I get to CMH, they are expecting us since Jaime had called. They were super busy and were going to set up curtains in the hallway for me to labor in! At this point, JUST DO SOMETHING! Contractions are on top of each other and I feel like pushing!! Thankfully they put me in the room conected to the nursery. The nurse checks me and immediately called the doctor on call (Dr. Lanter). Sawyer was born at 2:53! Dr. Lanter was hoisted up on the gurney- not a break-away bed! Had to get a few stitches, but not bad.

Sawyer Timothy Cameron- minutes old
Sawyer Timothy Cameron- minutes old


Visitors came in the morning. I got to shower. Slept some.

Avery loves to hold him, for about 2 minutes, then it’s over! She is very worried when he cries. She gets upset that he doesn’t immediately stop crying! She talks to him and sings to him.

Big sister Avery, little brother Sawyer
Big sister Avery, little brother Sawyer


We are finally home. We were ready at 10 to go home and had to wait till 11:30 for paperwork and stuff. I guess CMH has had an influx of births. One nurse told me that on Tuesday 17 babies were born, and on Wed 12 were born during the day shift alone! Luckily I had my own room till the last hour before we left.

Sawyer- resting at home.
Sawyer- resting at home.

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  1. Good grief girl. You should have just stayed home at that point ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad is was all smooth, cant wait to meet him!!

  2. Congratulations! All 3 of my births were that fast or even faster so I’m feeling your anxiety and relief at getting there on time!! He is adorable and Avery is going to love being a big sister. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Wow Sarah! You go girl. Tyler came out pretty fast too but you barely made it. Congrats to you and Hubby and Avery. Your family is beautiful. I am still baffled how grown up we are. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  4. congrats to you! natural and everything…impressive! he’s a really cute little guy!

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