No More Flipturns @ 29 Weeks

Well, the day has come! I can no longer do flipturns at the pool when I am swimming. It takes me way to long to get my body to do a summersault, and I have to use my arms to get myself over as opposed to using stomach muscles. Very sad. What’s next?

2 responses to “No More Flipturns @ 29 Weeks”

  1. Bye the way…. love the look of your site (even though it caused some ruckus in your household) hee hee

    Love you and sorry you can’t do flipturns anymore…. just remember, it’s temporary and soon enough you’ll be doing them again. Besides, your doing WAY better than me…. I couldn’t even float towards the end there.


  2. When I told Jared he said, “She just NOW couldn’t do them?” I think he was impressed!
    Good on ya, mate!

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