On Restriction- Update

So the two boys were supposed to be on restriction till the end of the month. Well, here is the update;
The older boy, R’s birthday was last Thursday, he got two new video games- so of coarse he got to play them- it was his birthday. Then their mom made a deal with them- if they both “behave” while on a trip for the long weekend, the restriction would be taken away!
So, if you are “bad” and get a punishment, all you have to do is be “good” to get out of it!

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  1. Grace and mercy are good things…but so is consistency. In parenting it is the trick to find the right mixture.

  2. isn’t asking two boys to “behave” on a long road trip just setting them up to fail? hmmm, i just realized i read “long road” into the story…oh well.

    maybe mom is feeling like a month long grounding was a bit too much and is trying to find an excuse to let it go without feeling like she’s wussing out? i hate the feeling of realized that a punishment i’ve issued is worse than the crime. should i just ride it out or should i admit i screwed up?

  3. Well, seems to me that this type of parenting will come back and bite them in the …. you know what!!!

    I agree with Martha, consistency is key…. I have a feeling it’s harder than it seems though. Already when my little Skeeter does that pouty lip thing, my heart just drops. And the little “waaa” sounds he makes sometimes just makes me cry. He’s got my number already… God help me.

    Even God makes us experience consequences when we do something wrong…. no body is exempt …. we shouldn’t allow our kids to think they are.

  4. We have been accused of being too indulgent with our ‘late in life child’. We tried to be consistent in our discipline, and I think we were successful. Older siblings said we were too indulgent. She turned out to be beautiful, intelligent, thoughtful and kind. Love, Dad

  5. She could just say, ” I feel you have done well since the time of your grounding. Therefore, I am giving you time served and releasing you.” Grace, mercy and kindness, all in the confines of discipline. Sounds good.

  6. “Dad”…sounds familiar. I think I’ve lived a life similar to your Sara, minus the swimming. Yay Talbutt’s!

  7. excellent graceful take back. i just hope i can come up with similar words when i screw up with johanna. 🙂

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