I went to the neo natalogist in Thousand Oaks. We went all the way to T.O. because it was the first appointment that I could get, we didn’t want to wait.
The office was great. The goopy stuff they put on before the ultra sound was warm! There was a different computer screen for me to look at to see what was going on and the tech explained everything I was looking at. What a genius!
Ok, so the appointment went really well. Everything is where it should be, the rite size and shape. Dr. Jadali said everything looks great, he doesn’t seem worried at all. I will go back in four weeks (instead of two) for another check on the growth of baby Avery.
I feel so much better and at great peace now. Thank you all so much for your prayers, we really appreciate them- all three of us. Dan is scanning the pictures we got rite now- so check them out. They are amazing!

She is doing ASL for “food.”

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  1. thank God. me and lisa are so glad things are well. we’ve been very worried for you guys.

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