Waited too long

I had a doctor’s appointment at 10:15. Avery and I got there in time to check in and wait. After a few people who came in after me got to go in, I thought about asking the front desk ladies, but decided to wait, since there are multiple doctors in this one office and you never know who they (the patients) are going to see. After 45 minutes, I decided to mention that “we are still here, hope you didn’t forget about us.” I was “next on the list…” 15 more minutes and we finally got called to the back for weight and blood pressure check. Another 20 minutes… for a 3 minute consultation with the nurse practitioner!! By the time I got in my car it was 11:50!!!
This is Avery after an hour and a half of waiting. She was hungry and I didn’t have a snack because I wasn’t planning on being there that long. I opened the door at this point and let her cry it out, so all could hear. I even let her play with the door, opening and closing, opening and slamming it shut!

I would have left, but I had payed my co-pay and I’d already wasted time there. We were there so long that we saw people go in and come back out. One old lady asked us “you’re still here? She’s being a good girl…” and offered us some candy.

This is one reason I rarely go to the doctor. I haven’t been in about 9 months.

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  1. That was me today as a result of taking my kids to the dr. with me. My appt was quick and they saw me almost immediately, but my kids were being so horrible I wanted to slam my head in the door. Flu shots shut them up though and now Quinn is still in the midst of a 3+ hour nap.

  2. a side note: the time stamp says 8:19 and it is really only 5:19. I am not dumb enough to let my child nap into the bedtime hour 🙂

  3. I can’t understand how they could have forgotten about us. The waiting room was very small. Avery was in singing mood, so she was pretty loud. I think the nurses were even wondering why we were still there!! It was awful!!
    3 hours- nice!!

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