recalled- not so fast

I was so excited to see that Avery’s car seat has been recalled. I am beginning to realize that she is probably going to outgrow (height wise) her carseat before she reaches the weight or age for a booster seat. So I thought that I could return the car seat and get a fancy car seat that is for a higher weight and length.

NOPE! They are sending me a repair kit. BUMMER.

Why didn’t anyone tell me to buy the fancier car seat that holds tall kids??

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  1. I do see your point, but when you have an infant that is sleeping peacefully or if you are out and about (grocery store, mall, church…) most of the time you don’t want to be holding the baby ALL THE TIME. Infants seats are great, even if it’s only for a few months.
    I have a friend who only had the convertible car seat, she used a sling all the time. The kid (now over a year) doesn’t know how to wait and be patient- she was always being held and was hardly ever alone. THat is a whole other discussion…

  2. are any one year olds patient? i know what you’re saying though. there’s a happy place between holding a baby all the time and lugging around a huge, heavy, expensive piece of equipment for the first few months.

  3. How can you get away with just one? And, I hate slings. One year olds are not patient, but they need opportunities to be taught.

  4. the carseat quinn is in now is 0-40lbs. actually, i think it’s up to 60lbs? we’ll get him a booster when he’s four anyways, just because it’s good for him to feel more like he’s in a “normal” seat and can learn to use the seat belts.

  5. By “not patient” I mean that she has to be holding her moms hand all the time- even when she is driving, she is always being held- screams if she isn’t… that kind of stuff- yes learned behavior, she can get away with it, so why wouldn’t she?
    I don’t know if we can get away with just one- if she keeps growing (height wise) the way she has been she will out grow this car seat before her 4th b-day, and probably won’t be 40 pounds. If we were to get into an accident I would rather have her safe than sorry…

  6. The booster seat Joey has (with the back on) is for 30lbs. With the back off is 40lbs. The car seat Quinn is in goes up to 80lbs. if I remember the ridiculous number correctly…anyway way more than you would ever use.

  7. Then we’ll take Quinn’s seat when he turns 4! I know some people keep their kids in the 5 point harness till they are 80 pounds! They do make them that holds up to 100 pounds too!! In CA the law says kids must be in a 5 point harness till they are 40 pounds OR 4 years. I can’t imagine putting a 30 pound kid in Joey’s style of booster. But I guess you could technically put a 4 year old who is 30+ pounds in that seat.
    In WA the laws are by poundage and height- makes more sense than by age (as the poundage can differ drastically). In WA they have to be in a booster till 8 years old!

  8. Not that I care too much since my kids are all out of car seats, but the law actually says, quoted from CHP website The New Law Says…

    Children must be secured in an appropriate child passenger restraint (safety seat or booster seat) until they are at least 6 years old or weigh at least 60 pounds.

    The tips say the stuff about the harness, but it actually doesnt specify in the law what seat needs to be used. That is parents job at the store to be smart shoppers. Good Luck!

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