This afternoon was the first real “emergency” I’ve experienced with the two boys I pick up after school.
The 7 year old (D) was playing a game on the computer and the 10 year old (R) was bugging him, cheering for the computer to win. This really bothered the D and he made this clear, asking him to stop. I guess R gave D a little slap on the face, this made D REALLY mad, so he poked R in the eye! Next thing I know R is on the floor crying covering up his face. I honestly thought he was joking around since he was wailing and I’ve never heard him cry before. After a few seconds I decided to check it out. R was bleeding profusely from somewhere on his face, but I couldn’t tell where since there was so much blood! He kept asking me if it was coming from his eye- I thought “God I hope not, that much blood from the eye would mean a trip to the ER,” no fun! I got him to the kitchen sink and a little cleaned up, he was still bleeding a lot, but I could see it was wasn’t from his eye, but his nose. I think he scratched his nose when he went to grab his eye. The eye lid was swollen by the way. After about 10 minutes of bleeding into the sink he was able to “pinch” it and sit down. The clean-up was GROSS! Blood all over the sink and his shirt was pretty much saturated. After another 5 minutes of “resting” the blood stopped and he was able to take his shirt off and clean up his hands and face.
When their mom got home, she was pissed. She gave them the “wait till you father gets home” speech. I’m not sure what I would do as punishment if I were the parent. D did not mean to hurt R that bad. But R was pestering D to point where D “lost it” and got physical, not that getting physical is appropriate. As the older brother R knows what to do to really piss D off and get a reaction, in a way he was “asking for it.” The funny part is, D will end up being bigger than R by middle school, so R better get his licks in now- he better watch out!

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  1. yeah, that’s a tough one. i do believe in the laws of “had it comin’”, but not sure how they apply to non-grown-ups.

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