Hume Lake

We went to Hume Lake for a few days. We were able to stay at my aunt’s cabin. I used to go up there for camps starting in third grade through high school in the summer. Dan and I went up there before we were married and this was Avery’s first trip.

We hiked up the “waterfall” at Sandy Cove. Since the water was so low we were able to hike up pretty far.
Avery has been attached to these plastic frogs and her frog box for a while now. When we saw the real fish, frogs and even a giant ant, she did not like it. She thought the frogs and ants were “chasing” her and wanted to run away. “Frog coming…”

We drove to see the “big trees.” They are pretty massive!

We brought too much food and too many clothes.

The best part was that we spend 4 days with no internet, computers, TV… together and the worst part was that the ac broke before we even got to Fillmore.

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