I drive down Loma Vista about a few times a week for some reason or another. I have noticed there is a pharmacy across from the hospital, that has a hilarious sign out front. The sign reads, “we accept insurance.” What kind of pharmacy now-a-days doesn’t accept insurance? This seems like a silly advertisement to have. Check it out in front of Roger’s Pharmacy on Loma Vista.

4 responses to “Pharmacy”

  1. Who would ever go to a pharmacy that doesn’t take insurance? If you don’t have insurance, it costs way TOO MUCH money to get the medicine you need.

  2. Kathy worked at the pharamacy at Longs and they did accept some insurance but not all insurance. Canada would be better and cheaper. But the Canadain dollar came up from $ 0.50 to $ 0.80 per dollar.
    One time an old man came back (90 years old ) and all angry threw down the viagra and said it didn’t work! He wanted his money back. What a shame. the really amazing part to me is that he had his wife/a female willing to go along.

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