only in…

We were at the park the other day and say this:

Isn’t this, in way, stealing?

6 responses to “only in…”

  1. depends on if “intent to deprive” can be proven. looks like they’ve got groceries in there, so i think they’re fine.

  2. I’m sure they could get busted for it, but I doubt many ever do.

    Most stores do actually pay people / companies to drive around with flat trucks collecting carts from the surrounding neighborhoods, and it’s probably because a lot of people do this, and the carts are fairly expensive.

    I’ll have to post sometime about the fun we used to have with shopping carts and cars in my younger days.

  3. Thanks to the “blue ghetto” neighboring us…we see those hired flat bed trucks a lot. When I walk during the day I always get a laugh at the homes that have a grocery cart parked out their front door…like it’s a stroller or bike.

  4. It totally bugs me when people do that! That’s one reason why food costs so darn much now-a-days!

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