We watched a show (Backyardigans) a few weeks ago about pirates. So Avery was introduced to the Jolly Roger.

We went bowling and there were some bowling balls for sale with skulls in them- she called them Pirate balls. 

Then we were at the library and she found a “pirate” book. It was actually a book written after the song “Dem Bones.” So now all skeletons, bones and skulls are pirates!

3 responses to “Pirate”

  1. they sure are. i think it’s awesome that kids don’t naturally think of skulls and skeletons as scary…at least mine don’t!

  2. That’s so cute, but then again, it’s Avery, so what else? Emma called Skeletons “dry gones” for a long time. 🙂

  3. Avery isn’t scared of much yet… She loves to “hide” and pop put and really loves it when Dan hides and pops out with a BOO.
    Martha- Regural!! Can’t ever forget that one!
    I think it is so funny all the things she “connects” or think that connect. FUNNY stuff.

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