Wildlife Rescue

Avery and I were leaving the Toys R Us shopping center by Bennett’s when we saw a guy in the middle of the parking lot, telling cars to go slower… weird, but I slowed down. There was a mama duck with about 12 duckling following very close behind her. The guy saw the ducks crossing Johnson Drive- I can’t believe they made it. He wanted to catch the mother duck and put in a box he had in his car… then what? I was about to suggest that someone call Animal Control or some organization to help them ducks. Then… a young hippy looking guy was heading to the bike shop, he came over- he is a Wildlife Rescue person!

He knew who to get the ducks where they belong. He thought they came from the barranca and their water had dried up. Not sure where they took the ducks, but I am glad they were taken before the guy with box got to them!! Avery did get to pet one of the duckings- she talked about the ducks ALL DAY LONG!! I didn’t have my camera… the one time!!

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  1. My phone does take pictures but I don’t know how to send them to myself or whatever… It was too bright anyway.

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