2 years

We got Avery’s two year pics done today. It was awful! She is scared of the flash. I find that funny because she really isn’t scared of anything yet. She kept asking to “go home.” When they did get a picture, she would immediatly cover her eyes. There were a few pictures that were okay…I guess.

4 responses to “2 years”

  1. I love the pics with the flowers. They came at so cute. =o)I just cant believe that she is 2 already. Dang time goes by fast.

  2. Can’t believe Avery is two! She was just a pod in you the last time I saw you. Good to see you are well and thriving in motherhood.

  3. How was her party? Did she LOVE her kitchen set?
    I wiah I could have been there to help blow out

  4. She is so cute!! I like all of them. Did she have a nice party?

    Love ya and miss you guys, Trish

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