First Day in San Francisco

Today was an eventful day! We had a BIG breakfast close to the hotel. Then we had to walk to Marshall’s so I could buy a belt for the new jeans I got yesterday- on account it is so COLD! We decided to take the “One Hour Hop On/Off Trolley Tour.”

We started our tour at Union Square, the trolley took us to Pier 39. We spent a few hours there, visiting the stores, we saw a freaky magician guy. He did some tricks, then jammed a four inch nail in his nose and walked on glass! What a nut. We got back on the trolley which took us to Ghirardelli Square. There were a bunch of shops and restaurants. We found a place called, “Frijts Frites” a Belgian frites place- they weren’t that great or authentic. We of coarse had a sundae from the Soda Shop! We split one this time. Then we got back on the trolley that took us back to Union Square. We walked back to the hotel and I took a nap. Dan walked to the Mac store to “fix” his computer- I think he just wanted to play on it some more! After my “beauty sleep” I met Dan and we walked around some more and had dinner at a Sport’s Bar, after a short walk he had yet another Ghirardelli Sunday- but only one scoopers this time!

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