Baby Legs

Check out these legging things. I have never seen them in use in person.  They advertise them as;

* makes diaper changes easier (yes, I guess since you don’t have to take any pants off)

* keeps legs covered while in a sling (true, but why not put on some sweatpants then?)

* light weight sun protection (sun screen?)

* makes potty training easier (can’t see too many girls having an easy time pulling down tights, but jeans and sweats would be easier)

* fashion statement for every occasion!!

They seem cute, pricey ($12 to $20) for sweats or tights, which I think they are comparable to wardrobe wise. I don’t see many of the boys I know wearing these- maybe Captain Quinn?

7 responses to “Baby Legs”

  1. I would laugh so hard if I saw a kid with those on their legs. Laugh at their parents, that is.

  2. THEY’RE FREAKIN LEG WARMERS, Rock on children of the children of the 80’s.

    You make me proud!!

  3. Cut the arms off of an old shirt and call it good.
    They are not attractive little things at all!

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