gag me

Twice in one week…

It finally happened to me- again! I was driving to Shannon’s to drop Avery off while I went to tutor. On the way there, I hear kind of gross sounds from behind me, I turn around… yup, Avery was puking all over the place. When she finally finished she kept asking for a napkin! I pulled over to see what I could do- not much really since I was on a random street in Oxnard. I was gagging as soon as I opened her door, all I could so was wipe off her mouth and keep going to Shannon’s.

Stripped off Avery clothes, Shannon gave her a bath while I called the school to let them know I wouldn’t be there. I had to get the car seat out of the car- it was so stinky. The washing machine is already filling up for me to put in the nasty car seat cover and her clothes. I can’t get the car seat cover off without doing permanent damage to the cover- like cutting or ripping it. So I had to spray it out with hose as best I could and leave it in the sun.

Shannon’s computer is dead- too many viruses, so I had to call Ali to get the phone number to the school I was supposed to be at in 20 minutes, to cancel. It was stressful but all worked out, I guess.

Avery was shivering after the bath, had a fever, gave her Tylenol, she snuggled for about 20 minutes, asked for crackers then played outside like there was nothing wrong. We are home now, we’ll see how the night goes… hopefully it was a one time throw up and we are done.

Thank you to Shannon and Ali for helping at a moments notice.

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  1. Well, I think all parents have gpone through the same or a similar experience-things happen. Glad Avery wasn’t traumatized by being locked in. Good idea to keep an extra key in your pocket, or in a magnetic box somewhere on the car. Hope it didn’t jeopardize your tutoring gig, but you did what you had to do. Love the French braids! Love to all, Mom & Dad

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