Locked In

It finally happened to me! After walking in the Tender Life Walk, I was putting stuff in the car and Avery was in the car, playing around. I went to the back to put in the stroller and it was locked. I went to unlock the doors- and realized the keys were in the car! CRAP!

I called Dan, who was at home still sleeping and he brought me the extra key. It took him FOREVER to get there. The sun was shining and Avery’s face was getting red. She was having a whole lot of fun in the car by herself. She dumped out all my change and goodies in the center console.

Thanks to Martha, Michele and Ashtin who waited with me, and tried to get Avery to pick up the keys and unlock the doors.

5 responses to “Locked In”

  1. does this mean our time is coming or that it’s now been done by someone in our circle of friends so it won’t happen to us? bummer though…we had a little laugh and a “poor sara” when we got dan’s twitter about it.

  2. Just think, if you would’ve had Onstar, we’d be hearing your panicked voice on radio commercials right now. 🙂
    Glad you got her out, How scary!

  3. my mom locked me in the car when I was little. I still remember not being able to reach the lock because I was still buckeled in my car seat. I think quinn would actually push the buttons to let himself out if he were free in the car, but he can’t reach the door lock when he is strapped in his seat.

  4. That would be a funny onstar commercial, but it would only have Avery saying, “blah blah, monkey…car…blah blah…food, corn, mermaid…mama”.

  5. those would make great song lyrics. “and now avery and the aviators playing their hit single: food corn mermaid!”

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