4 responses to “brave”

  1. A person who’s every move good or bad is in the limelight, cannot be stable. I think it would suck to be her. For goodness sakes, leave a person alone. I hear the argument that she put herself there, but really when is enough enough? MO

  2. it’s pretty easy to duck out of the limelight: move out of the thirty mile zone. as long as you live in ~hollywood and you’re famous, everything you do will be documented.

  3. it’s not like she’s being forced against her will….plus millions vs. privacy…i guess it’s a hard wager for some….and I also don’t get the whole…getting married in hollywoood….and having kids…like we need more jacked up people. And there are plenty of famous people not shaving their head and going to rehab…..but you know the shaved head thing is just way to get her new cd adveristed…maybe she’s gone from bubble-gum pop to punk? You know the whole re-invent yourself madonna or christina ag. style.

  4. hmmm…never been a big BSpears fan….actually like allison said….she’ll just create jacked up little people….i don’t feel sorry for her….but my heart aches for her kids

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