Ms. Limps a lot

On Friday Avery and I went to the beach at Marina Park. While I was climbing up the rocks I stubbed my toe. I kjust about killed me… I thought I broke it. It began to swell a little bit, so I put it in the cold sand. It hurt so bad, I couldn’t put my shoe on. We went home, took naps… put my shoes back on at 2 to run errands. It was still swollen but I could at least get my shoe on. I took my shoes off again at about 7 that night and the bruise was awful, I could barely look at it.

I could still move it, so I guess it’s not broken. It still hurts and the bruise has gotten better, but still looks pretty nasty.
I even scraped the toe next to it. Not a good trip to the beach.

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  1. Aw! You poor Twinkie! I HATE stubbing my toes- it’s a worse feeling than a papercut!

    You CAN break toes and still move them around- I think that’s why they never put casts on toes…?

  2. Yeah, I found out the only thing they (the docs) would do for me (if I broke it) is tape them together, so I didn’t do see the doctor. The swelling has gone way down and the bruise is even going away, but it is still sore.

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