Why do they do that?

This has happened to me twice since having a baby…

I am hoping a few of you could shed some light on this question. Since some of you have worked at grocery stores, and at this one in particular.

I am at the grocery store checking out and the bagger person is getting the groceries into the bags and puts them in a different cart than the one I am using. You know, the one with my kid in it! Then he asks me, “Do you want help out?” Well yes, I do want help out. How else am I going to get two carts out the door by myself? Do these people not think?

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  1. that’s only happened once to me…and when I went to move Savannah, the bagger apologized and offered to the put the groceries in the same cart…which seemed like way more work than to just move her.

    do you keep the cart next to you or push it all the way through, so they can put the bags in it?

  2. Some of the carts, specifically the ones with the car for the kids to drive, aren’t supposed to leave the store. Otherwise my guess is they are just DUMB.

  3. I do push the cart forward so they can put the groceries in my cart. It is more so that Avery doesn’t pull down all the candy and stuff. I don’t use the fancy carts with the cars on it, they are too hard to maneuver. That is Dan’s thing, he likes to “drive” those carts. I think the guy was just flaky and didn’t have kids. Dan says they have to ask if they can help you out” if you have more than 2 bags.

  4. about the two bags thing, i guess i shouldn’t be so insulted. whenever they ask me and i’m alone, i wanna just punch them in the face. what an insult to a handsome, viral gentleman such as myself!

  5. Yeah, it’s required they ask if you have two bags no matter who it is.

    I think it’s a matter of two things, since I was a bagger I did notice a lot of dumb coworkers. And if they are smart they’d do it on purpose so they could leave and go outside and take the time to stroll back in. I did this a lot especially if there were hot moms.

  6. Nathan: you should just start saying yes. Maybe after you keep doing that they’ll get the point and stop asking.

  7. I ASKED about this today at the store. The kid there said they do it to avoid a lawsuit. If a baby is in a cart, and they drop a can of soup on the kid or something, then they can get in big trouble. He said it is mostly the new baggers who do it, because they have just finished watching all the saftey videos. He said the baggers don’t remember to do it very often but that they’re suposed to.

    Now, we know. And knowing is only half the battle.
    (GI Joe reference…anyone??!)

  8. Geez Sara, how smart, just ask! Interesting about the “dropping a can of soup on the baby.” I guess it has happened before. That was the first time I actually took the bagger up on helping me to the car. It was weird! Allison is right it would just be easier to move the kid, I was just annoyed that the guy did it.

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