Emergency… 911… emergency…

Ok, first we didn’t have to call 911. Here is the sotry;

Avery is almost 19 months old and we had out first emergency this afternoon. I went to Brooke’s house to visit (since she is 3 days “overdue”). Brooke was swinging Avery in front of her from side to side. Avery was laughing it up and all of a sudden began to cry. Avery is pretty tough. She falls all the time, conks her head and laughs about it. We let her get herself up when she falls and let her try stuff on her own…
So there she is holding her right arm. I asked her is sign language if she has pain and she nods her head but can’t show me the sign. So, I get her to the car still not sure if she is just tired or what. Getting her in the car seat was tough, she was screaming and holding her arm. So I called the doctor and they said to bring her in. I was happy that they didn’t send me to the ER or urgent care.
There was no swelling so it probably wasn’t a break but could be a shoulder, elbow or wrist dislocation. YIKES.
I go to pickup Dan from work because I am little freaked out now. As I am driving there she falls asleep! Weird. Maybe she isn’t hurt after all. She tried to suck her thumb with her right hand and begins to cry again. Her arm is lying there limp next to her in the car seat.
We get to Dr. Sally and they take her right in and lay her down on the bed thing. She just lies there with her right arm extended not moving at all. She wants to read a book but can’t sit up by herself. Dr. Sally comes in, determines it is not a break, and that it is probably dislocated at the elbow. OUCH! It took her 3 times to get it back in place. You can only imagine the screaming that went on. Every time Dr. Sally came near her, she began to scream. 2 minutes after the elbow being put back in the right place, Avery was all smiles and pointing at stuff and holding a stuffed animal. THANK GOD.
We went home and had a good dinner.
Broke, who is overly pregnant friend horrible! I told her it was an accident. I don’t think I like the unplanned doctor’s visit! Maybe Nathan can comfort her… another good story!

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  1. Nathan was a MUCH needed comfort thanks! We decided to start a club. Hopefully Child Protective Services won’t hunt us down. I’m still a little rattled, I called my mom last night and told her the story. She then reminded me of the time she was watching a friend’s kid and the little girl did a summersault right into a glass table. Cut her head open, bled all over the place. Ended up being two little stitches on the top of her head.

  2. I can remember YOU having the same problem. There is a time limit when she is susceptible. Guess you ALL had a stressful afternoon. Love, The Olds

  3. Poor baby girl! That HAD to hurt so bad! To fall asleep with all that pain is unbelievable! Good job mom!

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