Holiday Cheer

Stacy’s store (you know, the mother of all coffee houses) is having their annual Holiday Cheer party on Tuesday, December 5th from 6 to 8pm. It is in Camarillo on the corner of Ponderosa and Las Posas in the Ralph’s shopping center. There will be fire trucks, free drinks (hot chocolate), crafts, music and so much more…
Kid Prints will be there to make FREE ID cards for kids. They are ID cards that have your kids picture on it with all the important information and their thumb print. It is all kept on filr so that if your kid is lost or taken (God forbid), you can give the card to security or police and they can get all the info they need- physical description and a photo. If you were in this situation I don’t think we’d be thinking straight to give them all the details.

Did I mention it’s all FREE?

Hope to see you there!!

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