new day, new year

We celebrated New Years Eve by hanging out. I made peanut butter chocolate chip brownies with chocolate and peanut butter frosting (very rich), Dan helped my dad on his computer. Sawyer went to bed at a decent time. Avery went to bed around 9, but we got her up at 11:30 to ring in the new year. In that 30 minutes she had some ice-cream and we painted our nails.

Fancy nails to ring in the new year. I used shiny metallic confetti nail polish- very 3D.

At midnight we went out on the snowy deck to light sparklers. We saw a few fireworks displays (not shows) down below in the city of Boise. It was bitterly cold so after just a few sparklers we were done.

Sparklers at midnight.

This guy... so happy we get to spend another NYE together.

Sawyer slept through it all, and even slept in this morning. THank you, son.

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