Baby Hanger

Every restroom should have one of these. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to pee and not been able to since you can’t take shopping carts in the restroom. One time at Starbucks I took the high chair (on wheels) into the restroom with me!

They have something like this at Ikea. Thanks Jason.

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  1. IT seems to me a baby would be in a stroller and a toddler could just stand there. Right. I don’t get it. I don’t remember this being a problem. Maybe I blocked it out.

  2. True- BUT when I went into Target or Ralph’s I didn’t take my stroller. Since she was able to sit up by herself, I used the shopping cart. So she was able to sit by herself but no where near standing. I wasn’t going to lay her on the ground for her to roll over or crawl around.
    Also Avery liked to touch and put everything into her mouth. I didn’t want her to touch the floor, the door, the toilet… then put her hands in her mouth. Public restrooms are dirty enough, I don’t need my kid licking ’em! Now we don’t have a problem, she listens pretty well and doesn’t touch everything anymore.

  3. Are all people really smart enough to securely hang their kids in something like that? It seems to me to be a huge insurance risk for the store, plus having some nitwit (clueless) mother hang her kid up on the door 4 feet above the ground without fastening it correctly….I’m not sold on the idea.

  4. Seems like someone should make one of those carriers that you strap the kid to your chest or back with and make it also be able to do this. That would be better because then parents who wanted to do it could buy one of those, and the store wouldn’t be taking on any liability by providing them.

    But it seems you are all missing an important point in this discussion. If I’m sitting there going to the bathroom I don’t want someone hanging on the door (or wall) staring at me. Maybe it just never came up because I didn’t put myself in that situation, but I’m pretty sure I would just hold it until I got home rather than try bringing my kid into the bathroom and tieing them to something; it’s just too weird.

  5. When Quinn and Joey were babies I would just sit them in my lap while I used the bathroom, once standing I would hold their hands on my knees or give them TP to shred. My problem now is that Quinn thinks it hillarious to unlock the door while Im in mid strem and can;t jump up (yea yea TMI). At the YMCA I frequen the handicapped stall in the womens locker room. It has one of the ikea wall seats, and I have used it on occassion. Unfortunately it is quite difficult to use the bathroom when someone is screaming at you or falling out because the straps don’t work properly. So Ive stopped strapping Quinn in. Problem now, I can’t reach him when he unlocks the door and it swings wide. TMI…I have peed on the floor grabbing the swinig door. 🙂

  6. It looks like a store display of babies for sale.

    “Hmmm honey, what do you think of this one? Pudgy enough?”
    “Oh! But look at that one hanging over there! She looks cute!”

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