thanksgiving- part 1

I don’t want to say we are “anti Thanksgiving” we just don’t “do” the whole turkey dinner thing. We’ve decided to take off during Thanksgiving and get out of town. Last year we went to Vegas because my parents and sister were already there. This year we decided on Disneyland & California Adventure for four days. What an experience!

We drove to Anaheim on Wednesday, took twice as long as it should have because of all the holiday traffic. We finally got to out hotel and unpackers, then headed to dinner. That night we went to Medieval Times- dinner & tourney. I had been a very long time ago, I’m guessing 13 years ago now. Dan and had never been. We all had a great time. Sawyer was a little mad when he realized that he wasn’t going to be actually riding a horse. Dinner was eaten without utensils, messy but fun. The food was good, kids weren’t too excited about it, but they’re picky kids. Our knight was the first one out, but the show was a lot of fun to watch.

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