At Avery’s school every month three kids from each class get awarded “The Principal’s Handshake.” By the end of the year every kid will end up receiving this award. I feel that the award isn’t exactly earned, since every kid gets one.
Avery was very excited to report that she got “Principal’s Handshake” for the month of October- only the 2nd month these were awarded. All of the 2nd graders had their pictures taken with the principal, a certificate and a prize. She picked out the book The Worst Best Christmas Pageant Ever. A very good choice in my opinion. We saw the play last Christmas in Boise. She started reading it the night she got it. Love that she enjoys reading so much.

the award

She was excited that she got the award for “outstanding writer.” At home she likes to write but not not crazy excessive. At school, she takes all the time and then some when it comes to writing assignments. She write pages and pages while other kids in her class write just one page. I asked her teacher about it and she said it was fine since Avery is writing quality stuff, not just filling the paper. She still wants to be a juvenile (not picture books) author when she goes to college. We shall see…

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