we voted

Yes, we voted, and our vote counted!

We decided to all go to the polling place this afternoon together. Dan voted via absentee, but turned it in there. I had to stand in line to get my ballot- no IDs required, just my name and address. Avery liked watching me fill in the arrows and pointed out a few names we’ve been talking about. She loved the machine that sucked up the ballots and the stickers too. She’d seen people wearing the stickers all day, so she was happy to get her own sticker.

Glad my girl was there to see me vote.

I love that when there was a person who was voting for the first time, they announced it, and we all clapped. “Hey everybody, this is Ving, he recently became a citizen and is voting for the first time!” bellowed the man in his Americana polo shirt. It was classic!

Both of the kids schools were polling places. I’m glad they were. Both kids saw strangers coming to their school just to vote. The fact that these people made time in their day to come to their schools to vote was very eye opening, for Avery anyway. She was excited about the election, she went to bed before the results came out, but we’ll tell her in the morning who the winners are.

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