fun day

Today, Friday, I got to volunteer in Avery’s class. Little did I know there was a fiesta planned for today. Tomorrow is Mexican Independence Day (along with a few other countries), to celebrate the kids each pressed their own tortillas and made quesadillas. They ate them with chips, salsa, guacamole and beans if they wanted the extras.

Pressing the dough into a flat tortilla.

While I was there cleaning up, Avery ran up to me panicked holding something very small pinched in fingers. At first I thought it was her earring and I was a little irritated- hoping she hadn’t lost the back of the earring… it wasn’t her earring it was her tooth! Avery lost her other front tooth- I have a toothless kid! I love it!

Love that smile!

I am so glad I was there for the fiesta and to be the first one to see Avery’s toothless, panicked smile.

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