Luau!! We went to a luau right by our hotel. It was a lot of fun. We got there and had an hour of free time to walk around. There was a lot to do and check out; traditional Hawaiian games, crafts and hands on fun.

Sawyer playing a traditional hawaiian game. We all tried the game. Sawyer's spear bounced off the hay. Avery's spear made it into the hay but not into the target, while mine didn't make it all, it landed in the dirt. She was way closer than I was to the target!
Playing another traditional Hawaiian game. The point of the game was to throw the rock between the sticks. The kids had fun playing it.
Avery learning how to make a wreath out of palm tree leaves. She had to braid the leaves with a twist. After she was done, the guy put in a few flowers for her. She made a wreath to wear on her head and an anklet one.
I made a wreath too. It was fun!!
THis is the ceremony where they pulled the roasting pig out of the pit it's been in for hours and hours. As the guys walked in front of us with the pig Avery tells us, she wants to eat the snout! Where does she get this stuff from?!? We did enjoy some pulled pork for dinner, no snout to be seen.
Hula time! When they asked for the "keiki" to come on stage to learn a new dance you'd have thought there was an emergency. Avery was one of the first kids up there, and we were sitting in the back! She loved learning the dances and tried to make up her own using some ASL, hula moves and strange made up stuff. She made up the songs too…

At this point it was 11pm California time and we were exhausted! We’d all been able to nap at some point during the day, except for Avery. She’d been up for 20 hours, so we headed back to the hotel for much needed sleep!

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