Here comes Pierson…

Since the invite is hard to read:November 4th @ 4pm at the Bangs’ home. Please bring some meat to BBQ and come for the party.

No games- we promise!

They are registered at Targe & Babies R Us. Diapers are ALWAYS a good gift too.

25 responses to “Here comes Pierson…”

  1. if i was the kind of guy that likes to go to these things, i’d be sad that this is on our wedding anniversary and we’ll be out of town. no disrespect to brooke. major disrespect to jason for allowing a coed shower. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I agree with Nathan. The guys should go drinking, something similar to a bachelor party because getting married and having your first kid is practically the same; less freedom. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Well since this isn’t either one of your showers- HUSH UP! When it’s your turn Dan you can choose the shower type. Sorry Nathan, you’re out of luck on this one! It’ll be fun a BBQ and lots of food, and even some beer!

  4. I don’t get what the problem is with coed; a “shower” is basically just a party, it’s just centered around a baby, which I don’t think inherently implies any kind of gender bias other than what society has traditionally given it.

    You sexist pigs. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. i think the main problem “guys” have is all the ooing and aawwwing over the cute baby stuff. Get over that (nathan) andhelp the prego mom open the gifts and celebrate ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. this is only year #6 for us.

    showers are supposed to be a girlie party. girls get together and do girlie things. likewise, guys stay away and maybe even do guy things. then, someone decided guys should be invited. so to make it “better” for the guys, they watered down the girlie stuff until it’s just a party, not a shower at all. so now the girls don’t get to have a girlie party and the guys have to go to these things that feel girlie, even though they may not actually be girlie.

    coed showers are a compromise, and “compromise” is just a negotiation term that means “everyone loses.”

  7. i should note once again that i’m just being playfully argumentative and am clearly just jealous that i won’t get to go.

  8. We’re sorry you can’t make it. In truth, we get sick of girlie parties and it’s way more fun to have everyone just hang out.

  9. i don’t know how you could get sick of hanging out in your pajamas and having tickle fights, but okay.

  10. Jared: When I see you tonight I want to see the whip lashings.

    I just hope the girls are in another area, that would make it fun. Not to say I don’t want to hang out with Sara but it’s different when women are together, it’s like living in a chick flick.

  11. Ok…so if you are trying to get me riled, it’s not gonna work. You are just being stupid. You just want to stay home and make out with your computer. You have to try to blame women for making it uncomfortable for you. Listen, we only invited you to be nice to Jason. So, if Jason still wants to come without all of you schmucks, other than my husband, he’s welcome. One less cupcake we have make.

  12. I’m glad we can all joke without calling each other names. ๐Ÿ™‚

    That’s another joke BTW and this whole conversation is a joke, I really want to go, like Nathan said. We are allowed our non-to-serious reservations though.

  13. I bet Dan takes a portable gadget of some sort to makeout with in the bathroom, while no one is around.

    I’m aware of the bias against co-ed showers. We are having 1 each weekend for the next 3 weekends so I can give a full report on the modern co-ed baby shower soon.

    What’s wrong with being girlie?

  14. Yeah, I’ll eat that extra cup cake. BURP!

    My Mom is segregating the boys and the girls, making the boys stay outside, which isn’t entirely against their will cause they gots beer, BBQ, cigars and FOOTBALL!! woohoo

  15. Dan> no need to hide in the bathroom, my Dad loves techy toys. He’ll be a very avid enquirer.

    all> Remember to bring the family swimwear

  16. Tony hates football and I practically do make out with my computer, so where does that leave us? Actually, Tony will be gigging for a change so that leaves me with Sam and the crappy car that I don’t like to drive even within my comfort zone. Once again, have fun without us. =(

  17. ๐Ÿ™ If you want, we could give you a ride, and Sam’s welcome to hang out, play Gamecube or PS2 or whatever. Not sure if he (or you) would be into that, but I thought I’d offer just in case.

  18. Thanks Jared! As it turns out, the gig was cancelled, so we may be able to go. We’ll see.

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