science experiment

What to do this week? Since we aren’t home, we don’t have all our “stuff” so our resources are limited. Avery’s been asking to do a “real” science experiment ever since we went to a friends school Science Fair a month ago. No time like the present. Pinterest, my new best friend, to the rescue. I showed Avery my board called “Science is fun,” she found a pin called “10 egg activities and experiments.” From there she picked the experiment called “bouncy egg.”

Pouring the vinegar in the jar. Avery proclaimed, "it stinks." Yes, it does!
The egg is covered in "stinky" vinegar. Now, we just wait and see what happens.
18 hours later…. the shell has bubbles all over it.
After 21 hours the egg was washed and the stinky vinegar washed off. There was an air bubble in the skin of the egg- icky, but cool!
How far can we drop the egg from before it breaks? First she wanted to try 18 inches, it didn't break. With my help the egg was dropped from 100 inches, it still didn't break!

It was a fun experiment. She wants to do another one already. I want to try the same experiment but with a fresh egg, not hard boiled. I think I can talk her into it…

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