1/2 birthday for little mister

On Monday Sawyer celebrated a milestone- he is now 3 1/2 years old! It’s silly, but yes, we celebrate 1/2 birthdays. He knew his 1/2 birthday was coming up and he was excited.

The night before his 1/2 birthday I made his bed with these new sheets. He was super surprised and excited when he went up to get ready for bed.

I think the best part for him was celebrating at school with his friends. He talked about singing the birthday song at his school all day. He took cheese (shaped like Mickey Mouse) and Ritz crackers and mini strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for snack to share with his class.
Since his birthday is in the summer he’ll never be able to bring in a treat to share with his class, so we’ll continue celebrating his 1/2 birthday so he can celebrate with his school friends. Both Dan and my birthdays are in the summer too, so we never got to bring in cupcakes to share with our classes growing up.

In the morning he had another surprise. The Joker House that goes with the Bat Cave he got for Christmas. He did not like that Joker and the Penguin were in the house. First thing he did was knock them down.

I was pleasantly surprised and happy with how Avery handled all the attention and gifts Sawyer received throughout the day. In the past she’s had an “what do I get?” attitude when he gets anything and she doesn’t. She was genially happy and excited for him. SHe’s growing up…

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