2 kids

Sawyer found an orange spider ring the other day. He was very excited to put on the “halloween spider.” He then said to me, “take me to Halloween, mom, please.” I told hime I couldn’t take him to Halloween, it just happens during the year, like Valentine’s Day is coming up- we had just bought bubbles for the kids in his class for Valentine’s Day. He wasn’t happy with my answer, he kept begin me to take him to Halloween. Silly boy.

He’s been doing this for a while; I’ll call him a monkey while giving him a piggy back ride and he tells me, “I not a monkey, I a kid!” He loves pretending to be a baby or a kitty cat or a monster, but when he’s finished he’ll tell me, “all done now, not a —, I a kid now!” I guess he loves being a kid!

Avery’s update is easy, she has pretty much ceased whining! FOr the last month I’ve been working in the Kids Church with the 2nd & 3rd graders. All the grade level kids cover the same info and concept, just in different ways, so I was able to talk to Avery more about the lessons during the week. I focused on whining and communicating- huffing and puffing, groaning… It worked! She’s doing way better and life is much more pleasant for all of us.

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