Christmas Eve Traditions

Lots of traditions!!

Christmas Eve- I made crepes with tons of topping options; Nutella, chocolate chips, punt butter, white sugar, brown sugar, cheese, ham & cheese, cinnamon sugar, whipped cream, powdered sugar, apple sauce, apples and a few jams options. I ended up making 5 batches of crepes for 12 people! Needless to say, we didn’t have dessert afterwards! Crepes 2010

Lots of toppings and empty plates. All bellies were full after this yummy dinner.

For as long as I can remember we’ve always read The Gift of the Magi (O’Henry) on Christmas Eve. Now anyone who wants to take a turn reading a page. I was really happy that Avery wanted to participate in the reading this year, she read 2 pages.

Crunched on the couch reading The Gift of the Magi.

My parents asked us (the parents) were to pick out a book for our kids. After they are wrapped they are placed by the kids bed, so it’s the first gift they open when they wake up. The kids can open these gifts first thing, they don’t have to wait for everyone to be up. It really helped keep the kids calm and away from the tree till everyone was awake to actually open presents. Avery got a Roald Dahl book set and Sawyer got a new Cars book that has 6 stories in it. They were both excited about these gifts.

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