Garage Sale

Hello early risers! There will be an awesome garage sale at the Bangs’ home Saturday morning from 8 to noon. As you may know, Emma and Christian are trying to raise money for their school’s outdoor ed. camp. It costs somewhere around $300 each.

Martha had hoped to have a yard sale to help with the cost, but soccer schedules made it impossible.  We (Jacquie & others) thought it would be great if we all could pitch in and make it happen anyway.  Not only can we express our love for Jared and Martha, but it’s a chance for us to demonstrate to Emma and Christian the “Body of Christ” in their action.

If you have any items you would be willing to donate, you could drop them off at the Bang’s house, or give me or Jacquie a call or email we can come get it from you.
See you in the morning. Anyone want to bring donuts?

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  1. Nathan and I will bring donuts, but it won’t be at 8am it will be more like 9am 🙂

  2. That is so awesome! Unfortunately I’m reading this on Sunday, else I would have contributed something. Love your intention and follow thru, Sara.

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