I have been waiting on pins & needles…

Yes, I am kidding.

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  1. I thinks she is pretty cute…after all she really didn’t have a choice. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. It does seem like she has an aweful lot of hair, but she can’t help it. It’s her parents fault! t least put a hair clip in there- then she looks like a girl!

  3. Wait…so are you saying you have to think a kid is cute just becuase they have no choice about it? Please. There are ugly babies, admit it.

  4. Oh, no. I have seen my fair share of “ugly” babies. Suri (I think that’s how you spell it) can’t help that she has a lot of hair. Kind of creepy when a baby that small has so much “real” hair. I like my babies bald!

  5. I’m saying she has no choice being cute because her parents are HOT! Yes there are ugly babies.

  6. I posted a comment that didn’t show somehow so here it is again:
    I’m saying that she didn’t have a choice to be cute because her parents are HOT!! Yes there are ugly babies.

  7. well, at least there aren’t antennae coming out of her head…or maybe you can’t tell because of all the hair!

  8. i just can’t express how happy i am for my good, good beautiful friends katy and tom. they are so beautiful and sweet such wonderful beautiful people, the deserve this precious beautiful baby. i remember i cried when i received my personal beautiful baby announcement (thanks vanity faire)and was so thankful for all of those beautiful photo’s of those beautiful people. we are so lucky to have kathy and tommy and surfy in our lives. what a beautuful blessing they are to me and the whole world. GAG!

    just kidding. i actually have a friend who is absolutely ga-ga over tom and his little family. i don’t get it. oh, well. suri’s a cute kid. i’m sure she’ll be destroyed by our hollywood/pop/celebrity worshiping culture before too long.

    by the way, did you hear? Bubba Joe and Sally Jean from Bean Station, Tn. just had their sixth baby. the world is rejoicing! just waiting for pictures to be released in the next issue of Bass Fishing magazine.

  9. Maybe some people… but my point was- SHE CAN”T HELP HOW SHE LOOKS- meaning she has a lot of hair. She’s a CUTE baby OK? Like, take a chill pill!

  10. Well, since Mrs. WordPress, albeit with foul language, brought it back to the top…I’ve been meaning to ask Dan, what’s Xenu?

  11. Foul language Martha? You’re more concerned with foul language?! Your missing the point!
    And don’t think just cause you used the word ‘albeit’ makes you smart. Anyone can grab a dictionary… why don’t you grab a heart instead? Seriously.

    I know I wouldn’t want someone making fun of my children and I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want that either, would you?

    Why do people get their ya ya’s from picking on people? BABIES rather, that’s just low.

    It’s all beyond my thinking.

    I don’t see how you could ever think your better for saying such things. You making fun of a baby is far worse than my ‘foul’ language.

    No wonder this world is fucked.

    Oh and sorry for spamming your comments Sarah, but you’ve hit a soft spot in me, and I only came back to re-comment cause I noticed your hit on mine.

  12. So you marked my comment as spam? Your just one rude person huh? I go and state my peace and you delete it. Nice. Whatever makes you look good dearie ๐Ÿ˜‰ At least delete my other comment if your going to go around deleting shit.

  13. Ok Miss Mommy- we get it- you dissaprove of our comments. Please stop. If you further try to post comments that are not appropriate I will mark them as SPAM. Yes, I can do that if I choose!!
    You have to realize that we are not just “blog friends.” We actually see each other on a weekly basis.
    P.S. Please keep your vulgar language to yourself. Nathan is the only ones who can swear here!

  14. Oh! Fun. Someone arguing about something stupid. All I said was it bugs me when kids are born with a lot of hair. I neve said they should be abandoned on the side of the road or thrown in a dumpster. You might want to find something more worthwhile. Are you Suri’s aunt?

  15. That was hilarious. And thank you sara for allowing my husband his swearing. It’s important to him ๐Ÿ™‚

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